Snorkeling or Skin Diver  Learn many of the foundational skills of scuba without the scuba. This is a fun
way to learn to properly use  mask, fins and snorkel to ply the ocean surface or shallow reef. Everyone from
ages 6 and up has fun here!

Open Water Scuba Diver  This is where your adventure really begins. This 31 hour course is composed
of classroom, pool and open water activities. You will learn about equipment, safety procedures,
decompression, and buoyancy control as well as how to be safe and have fun in a variety of aquatic
environments. Upon completion you will be qualified to enjoy scuba diving with a buddy during daylight
hours and to a maximum depth of 60 feet.
Minimum age: 10

Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver  
As soon as you complete your open water course you will want to
continue the fun with an
advanced open water diver course. This course consists of a couple short
classroom sessions and 6 diverse open water dives designed to give you a taste of all the activities that await
you in the world of scuba. Some of the dives you will participate in include deep diving to a depth between
60 and 130 ft., search and recovery, underwater navigation, computer diving
and light salvage and recovery. Many feel this course is one of the most fun and practical courses available.

Master Scuba Diver  This is one of the most respected recreational certifications available today. If you
want to maximize your academic and open water experience, this course is for you. Not only will you be
challenged with more complete academics but another 8 dives round out this demanding but worthwhile
certification. Most divers who are working towards becoming assistant instructors and divemasters take this
as preparation.

Scuba Rescue  Managing stress and preventing accidents is the focus of this highly recommended course.
First aid with CPR is required and can be taught in conjunction with NAUI's highly acclaimed First Aid

Advanced Scuba Rescue  This is a continuation of the skills and knowledge acquired in the Scuba Rescue
course with broader and more detailed applications for the diver that wants to be prepared.

Training Assistant  This is not a certification course but a designation. After becoming an Advanced Open
Water Diver and Scuba Rescue Diver, you can learn how to assist NAUI professionals in a variety of
training environments. This is good experience for the diver that is considering going pro!

Assistant Instructor  This is a practical Introduction to the life of a scuba professional. This course focus's
on teaching skills for the classroom as well as the pool and gives you an opportunity to work side by side
with a NAUI instructor as you learn the ropes of working with new students.

Divemaster  As you progress along the professional training track the Divemaster course teaches you how
to provide leadership in openwater environments as well as giving you the chance to be involved in nearly
every aspect of an active NAUI dive center. Make no mistake this course is work, but possibly the most fun
work you"ll do.

Instructor  This is  the ultimate. If your ready to take on the challenge you can be a NAUI scuba instructor.
Earn money, have fun, travel, make a difference! Call or e-mail us for details.

Speciality Courses  We offer a wide selection of speciality courses such as Dry Suit Diver, Nitrox Diver,
River and Current Diver, Cavern Diver, Underwater Photography, Wreck Diver, Equipment repair and
many others. Whatever your interest, we can take you there.