Travel and Dive Trip Policies

    All trips require a 10% refundable down payment at the time of booking. Out of country trips require
    passports and payment in full 60 days out. These deposits are put into a special account and are not mingled
    with regular operating funds. In country trips need to be paid in full one week prior to departure. Once
    funds are disbursed there can be no refund

                                                                 2016 Trips and Events  

Vortex/Morrison Springs                                         January  15-17                 Students                      $189.00

Vortex/Morrison Springs                                         February 19-21                 Students                      $189.00

Vortex/Morrison Springs                                         March  18-20                    Students                      $189.00

Vortex/Morrison Springs                                         April  15-17                       Students                      $189.00

Vortex/Morrison Springs                                         May 20-22                        Students                      $189.00

Turks and Caicos                                                      June 7-12                          Divers                        $1590.00

Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                              July  1-4                                                          TBA               

Pensacola, Fl                                                             August 19-22                                                   TBA

Key Largo                                                                     September 15-18                                                $550.00
Great trip for new divers. Includes 3 nights lodging, 2 dives of boat diving and all needed equipment

Divers Den/Blue Grotto                                             October 14-16                                                      $250.00
       Includes 2 nights lodging in Gainesville, entrance fees and all necessary equipment.

 And of course we are at Philadelphia Quarry and Dive Land Park in Glencoe, Al. almost every
weekend. Call us at 423-650-3187 to schedule or get details about any of our trips! We can also schedule
Florida Springs trips year round and on short notice.